Installation Guide for Syllable

Default Installation Guide: Building from Source Code

Welcome to the default GnuSocialShell installation guide for Syllable Operating System. This guide explains how to install GnuSocialShell by compiling its source code.


You need make, gcc and curl. If you need to install those and you are using the latest version (0.6.7) please follow the next link. If not you can ask on Syllable's forum or upgrade your system to the newest version of Syllable. Also is recommended to install network utilities like wget that are contained on the Network Necessities package.

Getting the source

To get the latest source code just download it from the next link. Open the Syllable terminal emulator and type:

wget && unzip 1.0 && cd GnuSocialShell


Now just type make to compile the source code. An executable file called "gnusocialshell" should be created that you can execute by typing "./gnusocialshell"


Now please configure your GnuSocial account by editing the file "config" following the instructions. Now you can execute GnuSocialShell by typing "./gnusocialshell -c config"

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