A simple userful text-based GnuSocial client.

GnuSocialShell Installation Guide on Syllable


Welcome to the GnuSocialShell installation guide for Syllable users. Here you can get Syllable packages for your system, also you can read how to compile GnuSocialShell on your computer.

Default Installation Guide (Build from Source Code)

GnuSocialShell 1.0.2 (Current)

We are working to make Syllable packages. Please read the "Default Installation Guide"

GnuSocialShell 1.0.1

GnuSocialShell v1.0.1 is not compatible with Syllable

GnuSocialShell 1.0

Install on Syllable 0.6.7 by compiling source code

Old Versions (0.7-0.9)

GnuSocialShell old versions are not compatible with Syllable Operating System

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