Installation Guide for Haiku

Default Installation Guide: Building from Source Code

Welcome to the default GnuSocialShell installation guide for Haiku Operating System. This guide explains how to install GnuSocialShell compiling its source code.

WARNING: This will install you the latest version of GnuSocialShell (including testing versions)


You need make, gcc, git and curl_devel. If you are using a modern (nightly)version of Haiku you probably have those. If you need to install curl please type "pkgman install curl_devel" at Haiku Terminal.

Getting the source

To get the latest source code just clone the project repository on GitHub. Open the Haiku terminal emulator and type:

git clone && cd GnuSocialShell


To compile GnuSocialShell you need to use GCC4 by default so if you are using the old version of GCC please type:

setarch x86

Now just type make to compile the source code. An executable file called "gnusocialshell" should be created that you can execute by typing "./gnusocialshell"


Now please configure your GnuSocial account by editing the file "config" following the instructions. Now you can execute GnuSocialShell by typing "./gnusocialshell -c config"

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